Parents evening for Caitlin

This evening was parents evening for Caitlin….and it was fantastic.  In the past they have always been very complimentary but also a bit vague as to where she is up to.  Her new teacher was much more informative.  She said Caitlin is extremely well-behaved and always gives 100%.  She said Caitlin often stays at the table completing her work way after all the others have given up and moved on, she really does try her hardest.  She said her handwriting is fantastic and her drawings are way beyond what she would expect for her age.  (I really must post some of her pictures, they are really good and very detailed.)  Her writing ( as in word-formation and sentence structure rather than letter formation) is also great.  Her reading is what she would expect and she is good at maths although she is lacking confidence in maths and doesn’t believe she is capable of it.  Her target is to build on her confidence in maths and to continue to improve on her handwriting.

So a fantastic report, we were very pleased!!  Noah doesn’t get another parents evening until later in the year so we were all done after speaking to Caitlin’s teacher.


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