Question time….

It’s almost a year since I asked Caitlin and Noah some questions, so I thought I’d give it a go and see what has changed (not much really – look back to Nov 2010 – Never work with children or animals to compare!)

What do you want to be when you grow up….

    Caitlin – a mermaid, so that I can be in the sea with Noah

    Noah – a deep sea diver and a wall of death rider

    Austin – a boy

Who is your best friend?

    Caitlin – Eleana 

    Noah – You mummy!!  (then I asked anyone else) Darcy and Ella  (I’ve never heard of either of these people before!!)

    Austin – Austin  (his favourite person is really Noah)

What is the best thing at school?

     C – golden time  (this is some free play time they have on a Friday if they have been good all week)

     N – when the boat is out

What is your favourite colour?

     C – red (YES red not pink…..I am shocked!)

     N – green

     A – orange

Favourite food?

     C – “That’s going to be a tricky one!!”  (Caitlin does love her food) crumpets and apples

     N – chocolate, cheesy pasta and soup

     A – Caitlin!!!!!!  (really it is egg or pasta…or sweets!)

Favourite book?

     C – my ballerina books

     N – Little lumpty (he is reading that one at school)

     A – read (I think his favourite is the Mr men books, he always picks those to read)

Favourite toy?

     C – my new build a bear

     N – Penguin  (again I am surprised!)

     A – running

Who’s your favourite..Elvis, Jap Taxi or Alfie?

     C – Alfie, Jap Taxi and Elvis (still so diplomatic!)

     N – Alfie because you can sleep in him

     A – Elvis

Which car are you going to have when you grow up?

     C – a campervan, a pink one

     N – a jet car if I’ve got enough pounds

     A – a boat

What’s your favourite clothes?

     C – my big red twizzley out party dress

     N – my Lightening McQueen t-shirt

     A – mini t-shirt (in reality Austin’s favourite clothes are just nothing new…if you try to dress him in something he’s never worn before he goes mad!)

What are you asking Father Christmas for?

     C – another twizzeling out dress

     N – a new toy camera because I’ve lost mine, a mechanic for my garage and I really really really want a toy drag car!

     A – a car

What does Austin want for Christmas?

     C – Hmmm a dumper truck

     N – He does really like campervans so I think he wants some campervans and some minis

So lots of answers still the same as last year!!!!  I did ask them the questions on their own this time so there was no copying.  I’m not convinced Austin knew what I was asking him!!


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  1. Vic

    I LOVE Austin’s answers. SO cute.

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