Out in the sun

It was gorgeous and sunny today so we spent the day outside making the most of it since it’ll probably be snowing next week!!  First of all we went to the park on the bikes…..

Although Caitlin can ride without her stabilizers she is completely convinced she can’t!  Before we set off I had to show her a video of her riding so that she would being her new bike!  She did really well in the park but as usual was really nervous riding along the pavement!!

Noah as usual landed in some stinging nettles!!!!!!  I have no idea how he does it, it doesn’t matter where we go (even on the walk home from school) he ALWAYS finds the nettles and gets stung.

And as usual he always makes a really good job of it!  This time he skidded around a corner and landed in the nettles…his arms and legs were both covered in stings!  He always has at least fifty stings (sometimes over a hundred!!)…never the odd one or two!  Once he had recovered we went to the swings for a while…

…before we had to come back to take Caitlin to ballet.  On the way home from collecting Caitlin after ballet we decided to call into the pub across the road from us for a few drinks….and for daredevil Noah to balance on top of the play equipment!!

Caitlin ate the lemons as usual…..

We then went home for a BBQ tea!  While they were waiting for it to get going they all went next door to water their plants and play gnome bowling!!!

I really think this is the last of the good weather now…at 25’C in October it’s been quite amazing this week!  I just hope it stays dry, although I doubt it will….


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