The summer has arrived!

I was sure the summer had been..what little we were getting so I gave away all of Austin’s shorts!  And now the sun seems to have come back!!  We took advantage of the sunshine and went to the park…..

There was lots of bread left over from Caitlin’s party which I had saved in anticipation of the sun, so we took that to feed to the ducks.  As usual Austin was scared of them!  Although I’m not surprised this time, they did seem really big and were obviously hungry because they were running right up to him snatching the bread of us and even digging about in the pram for it!

I noticed a few of the ducks had broken wings…


…on old man told us there are 7 of them like that and it’s a birth defect!  No idea if that’s true but I’m sure I’ve never seen any others like that in this park??!!

After school the sun was still blazing and one of Noah’s friends mentioned they were getting their paddling pool out so we got ours out too.

They had a great time splashing and throwing water over each other….

Today was the first time we’ve managed to get a paddling pool out at this house since the weather hasn’t been that good since we got the grass!


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