Since Austin is now potty trained I decided to change his cot into a bed incase he needed the loo in the night.  Tonight was his first night in his bed.  He does not like change and he didn’t get in willingly…but once he was in he fell straight to sleep and stayed there all night…..

Well except when he fell out in the middle of the night but he got back in and went straight back to sleep.

Richard decided to let Caitlin and Noah sleep in Alfie (in the garden!!)!  They were very excited and so we all watched the x-factor and then they went out to Alfie…

They loved it!!!!!!

I’m not sure Richard enjoyed it…Caitlin is the wriggliest, noisiest (talking!!) sleeper ever!!!!!! 

We definitely need to get Caitlin a separate bed for when we go venturing into the great outdoors in October!!!!


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