Campervan club

Tonight we went to campervan club!!  It was eventful to say the least!  It started out by us starting Alfie and his battery being flat, so we charged him up.  Eventually we set off and I reversed out of the drive.  Richard yelled STOP at me because I was getting near to the wall.  I thought I had hit the wall so it scared me to death and so I stalled!  I then looked up and there was a big queue of rush hour giant jeepy type cars waiting for me…so I couldn’t restart it!  I eventually got it started but couldn’t get it in gear!  I did get going in the end with a big queue of grumpy looking people.  All the way there I struggled with the gears, got beeped and cut up…it was awful!  By the time we made it the rain was really heavy and I actually felt sick the drive was so stressful!!!  We went into the pub for tea and met the other camper owners.  I’d taken my camera but by this time the rain was torrential and we were quite high up and I think we were actually in the raining cloud…so no photos were taken and we didn’t really get to see any other campers!  The journey home was much better…less traffic cutting us up but just as much rain!!!  Lets hope our next outing is better!!!


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