Noah’s first day at school

Finally….after being desperate to get through those doors since Caitlin started last September…it was Noah’s first day at school!  He was dressed with shoes on ready to go a good hour before we were going!  We had to make him take his shoes off while he waited!!

He was so excited he was fit to burst!!!!!! 

Eventually we were ready to set off….

We arrived at school fairly early and as I said good-bye to Caitlin, Noah also shouted bye and started wandering off!!!!  Unfortunately the reception kids don’t go in until 9.15am so I had to call him back to wait.  He looked completely panic striken…thinking he wasn’t actually going!! 

It was threatening to completely throw it down on us but managed to just about hold off for us!  Eventually he got to go in and barely looked back at us!!

After school he chose to go bowling…

They all loved the bowling, especially Austin!  He really loves bowling!!

When we were done (I won 🙂 !!) we went out for tea!!

So a very successful first day!!  And he can’t wait to go again!!!!!


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