Meet Alfie

We set off for Cirencester in Elvis to collect the campervan, we had a great journey down and were really early so we stopped off for a pub lunch.  Then we collected..the van!  It is amazing!  As soon as we saw it we were amazed at how good it was!  The photos on ebay did it no credit at all…it was way better than we had even hoped!

I went for a quick lesson on driving it and we set off home!  I had seen a sign for a picturesque parking area so I pulled in for a quick photo!!!

The drive home was quite good too…..campervans are quite strange to drive…even weirder than minis but we got home in one piece…almost!  Elvis decided he was jealous and blew his fan up!!  But we got home.

We’ve also decided to call the van Alfie!!!  He needs a bit of moving around inside before our first outing….but he’s good.


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2 responses to “Meet Alfie

  1. I have to ask because it’s been bothering me for a while… how do you all fit in Elvis?! 🙂

  2. Lol….brilliant question! If its just me and the kids caitlin and Noah take turns to sit in the front with me….and the other one sits in the back with Austin.
    If Richard is with us…we go in jap taxi…his boring sensible car.
    (my mum watched the kids while we picked alfie up) Should do a post on jap taxi lol….

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