Happy Birthday Caitlin!!

The presents were wrapped and ready…and Caitlin slept and slept!!!!!!!!  I have never known her to sleep so late….2 people phoned to wish her happy birthday and she still slept!!!  Eventually just after 9.30am she woke up and came down.  Amazingly Austin hadn’t opened her presents for her!  In fact Austin didn’t even touch them!!

In true Caitlin style she opened all of the little presents and seemed oblivious to her main big present…

She did eventually open it but her favourite presents were an age badge that she had asked for….and a tiara that Noah picked for her….

The big present  was a bike…to be fair riding her bike isn’t her favourite thing but her old one was getting a big small.  She also got a smoothie maker so she made a smoothie for herself, Noah and Austin….

We also had party lunch before Richard went to work, complete with a cake that Caitlin decorated herself….

(I love the looks on their faces when they have the “king” exploding candles!!)

In the afternoon we went to the park and then to a friends for tea.  I think she enjoyed her birthday once she eventually started it!!

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