A little local car show

I read on Facebook that there was a little car show 3 miles from our house, so I decided we’d go.  I also thought it might have some autojumble where we might find something useful for the new van!  Richard was working in the afternoon so we took both cars.  I had a vague idea where it was so I’d gone first with Noah and Richard, Caitlin & Austin followed.  I saw a sign for the show, pulled in and paid the lady for us and the car behind (Richard), I then set off down the drive.  I looked in my rearview mirror and Richard had vanished!!!  So I reversed back and asked the people on the gate where the car behind had gone??!!  She replied..”oh he’s gone in the public entrance”….I looked really confused and so she then said..”you’re exhibiting”….  I had no idea I was exhibiting but because I was in Elvis they had just assumed I had come to exhibit…whereas Richard in JapTaxi had been sent away!  Very funny…so I exhibited!! 

Although not so great was that it was raining and very small!!  But I felt obliged to stay for a while….in the end we stayed for about 4 hours somehow!  They spent quite a while sitting in an MX-5

The man was really nice letting them press the horn and open and shut the doors…we weren’t as pleased cos we were convinced they were going to break something!!

We also entered the raffle but lucky Noah let us down and he didn’t win!  He has won 2 things recently!


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