A new addition to the family!!

For years and years and years we have loved campervans (and beetles) but have never really had the room for one.  When we’d been to Tatton for VW Northwest we’d noticed how expensive they are getting…a complete rust bucket of a split screen was selling for £20,000…nice ones were going for over £30,000.  We saw a nice orange camper for £9,000 which had no insides!!  So on we went with our usual…we want a camper thoughts..but not getting one.  Earlier this week Richard discovered the orange one belonged to someone he worked for and it hadn’t sold.  That got us thinking that maybe we could get it….after all yes it was £9,000…but it is solid!…but it has no insides!!  But they are getting more and more expensive each year so we wouldn’t lose money.  We decided to compare on ebay to see what they were going for.  Richard spotted a grey one which was only at £4,000 so we decided an interior couldn’t be more than £5,000 so we’d have a go!  It was due to end that night so we put a daft low bid on.  I completely expected to get outbid…but we didn’t!!!!!!!!!  And so without seeing it…or even really thinking that hard about it…we’ve bought this…..

It has 12 months MOT and looks good…and everyone says we got a bargain at just under £5,000 for it!  We collect it next week so more photos and the story of of trip home, which will no doubt be a saga, next week!!!


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  1. amy

    i can not wait to see it : )

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