A bit of gardening

The kids were at Nanny’s and we were supposed to be decorating the stairs and landing.  While I was waiting for Richard to come home from work I made a start on assembling our climbing frame!  So when Richard was home we decided to finish that off then move onto the decorating!

The weather was really nice and once the climbing frame was up we decide to just carry on in the garden and make it a bit safer for when they got back.  Richard made a brick patio bit in front of the decking so that they didn’t have to walk through a muddy bit before the grass…  Then he started on a path down the side of the grass, we repotted some of the veg and cleared a load of rubbish.

They absolutely loved the climbing frame and so have their friends who have been around to play on it.  I didn’t really get a good photo of the bits of the garden that Richard has done…..here’s the brick patio though!

There’s still quite a bit to do but it is getting there!!  We do have a gate so it’s secure and grass so they can play out there…the boarders will come in about a million green bin cycles!! All of that greenery to the right of the climbing frame needs to go in the bin and there is a similar pile (maybe bigger!!!) to the left!  We fill our bin and our neighbours every week and have done for months!!! It is slowly going down!


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