Ainsdale…another tick for the list!

At the beginning of the summer holidays we all made a list if the things we wanted to do over the holidays.  It included things like farm, visiting Nan and Nanny, library, museum, beach etc!  We have managed to do most things on the list which was a great idea of my friends, maybe an even better idea once they are older and mind more what they do.

Today we ticked off the beach!  We haven’t been to Ainsdale for ages, it’s a lovely beach…quite quiet but very clean and big.  We went with Nanny and Amy.  We’d planned it weeks ago with no idea what the weather would be doing, in fact the day before was pretty miserable and wet.  It looked bright’ish so we set off.  As we arrived it seemed to have really brightened up and they were fine in just shorts and t-shirts!

We had spare clothes (and warm clothes just incase) but I realised I had forgotten a spare nappy for Austin so we tried to keep his dry…but after a while it was obvious that wasn’t going to work….

…so we gave up!  They loved paddling in the sea with Nanny and building sandcastles…..

…and eating very sandy cakes….until Noah decided to try to bury Austin with sand!

Austin was not in the slightest bit happy about getting sand on his t-shirt, although he hadn’t cared he had it all over his legs and hands and that all of his clothes were soaked!!!  We had been there a while by then and it had got a bit cloudy and so a bit colder so we decided to go.

I got Austin to go to the toilet and then we set off to Nanny’s which was an hour drive, nappy-less!!!….he managed to wait until we got there to go to the toilet again so disaster was averted!!!  And I suppose potty training is on the cards..but I’m not sure how you do that with someone who can’t speak!! 

The kids then stayed with Nanny and I came home…..


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