Austin had an appointment today with the speech and language therapist (SALT).  She did a few assessments on him and observed him for a while….  She agree’s that his speech is behind but he seems to understand ok so she thinks he doesn’t have a major problem that needs addressing, but he does need some help.  She has signed us up for some classes that we should be starting in the next month or so. 

He was a bit of a cheeky monster while she was assessing him!  They test to see if you can put 2 words together in your mind…by giving 2 part commands like – put the cat in the cup, or put the man on the slide.  He got the first 2 of these correct but then the 3rd he got wrong but kind of clarified that he had it wrong!!!  She had asked to put the pig on the table but he put the horse there…and then said horse!  Showing that he knew it was a horse and implying he was aware it wasn’t the horse she asked for!!!!!!!!  He did this for the 3 word commands – the man is jumping on the slide….he put the man on the slide but asleep and said sleep!!  For the ones he did correctly he didn’t say anything at all just did them!!!  He is so cheeky!  This also suggests maybe he doesn’t speak because he can’t be bothered but that really doesn’t make sense on the occasions when he gets really mad because you don’t know what he wants!  I suppose it’ll just remain a mystery!!!  And one day he will talk enough to have a conversation with!!!!!!!!!


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