Maldon prom take 2

There were a few clouds out but we decided to give the prom another try.  It was cloudy but dry by the time we got there so we parked up and walked down….

The first thing they found was the sand pit and although we did have swim things with us we stupidly thought it was just sand and so didn’t change them!!  That was a big mistake!  The sand pit was very wet and very dirty….

…and so were they within a few minutes of getting in!!  After the sand we went to the splash park which is what we had brought the swim things for…but it was too late for that we needed to keep the swimming costumes dry to change into!

They were a bit cleaner and much wetter when they came out and so they got dried off and put their costumes on.  Luckily the sun decided now was a good time to come out so they were warm enough to carry on along the prom in just those!  They then tried out some more zorbing….

…before it was picnic time.  Noah made a friend during lunch…..

(There’s a ladybird just below his eye incase it’s too small to see)  After our picnic they played on the pirate ship.  I think Austin scared quite a few people on this…he is really good at climbing and thinks nothing of climbing up a rope ladder like this.  He just needed a bit of help with me telling him where to put his foot at the very top to get him onto the wooden platform….

….and Caitlin built a sandcastle in some much nicer cleaner sand with Nan….

before it was home time….  They had a great day out, there was loads to do there shame it’s so far from us or we’d go again!!


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