Maldon prom take 1!!

Nan wanted to take us all to Maldon prom so we made a packed lunch and set off.  We were almost there when we noticed some very big and very black clouds!!!!!  By the time we’d arrived it was raining quite heavily so we went to a soft play to see if it would brighten up.  The soft play was great, it was really big and weirdly tall!  The upstairs floor was about 3 flights of house stairs up and a few of the slides went from that floor right to the bottom…they all loved it.  There was also a big inflatable thing to bounce on and loads of space to run around and play.

Once our 2 hours were up we went back to the car and ate our picnic.  It was still raining so we decided to go bowling in the afternoon….

I let Austin take a few of my turns and he was so chuffed to be bowling…he loved it!!!

(shame it’s the ramp and not Austin that’s in focus!…one day I will learn to use my new camera…just need to organise a babysitter since me and Austin are surgically attached!!  Or maybe I’ll just learn in 14 months when Austin will be old enough for nursery…)

Anyway…me and Austin won…with Noah in very very close second.  Although the adults were all cheating really as we couldn’t work out how to get the barriers down.

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