Chester zoo

I love summer holidays…outings and great times!!

Today we went to Chester Zoo.  It was a bit breezy and cool but it didn’t rain on us so that was good.

Austin was amazed by all of the animals, but he’s not keen when they come close so I think he liked the fact they were all contained in their enclosures!!!

We went through the butterfly house and Noah nearly crashed into a really big butterfly on a post….

We stopped for dinner next to the giraffes and it turned out it was their dinner time too and the keepers came and gave them new branches and they all came over to eat it…Austin did not like them being so close to him and just cried!!  Noah and Caitlin seemed to like it though…

There was also a dinosaur exhibition on as well…but I thought it was rubbish… a load of scaled down model of dinosaurs making odd ghost like noises!  Caitlin was terrified and so was Austin!  Noah seemed to like it though….

We also went on the monorail and bought a souvenir at the gift shop.


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