Plane spotting…..

When we got our taxi to the airport I spotted a pub on the way which looked like it was virtually on the runway.  I had this great idea that we could go there and have a drink and some food while we did a bit of plane spotting!!  It would have been a better idea if the weather was a bit better…it was quite wet and windy and very cold!!!!!!!  Because the weather was rubbish the pub wasn’t too busy and of it had been sunny the beer garden would have been great.  But the pub itself was quite scruffy and although the staff were really nice there was no real service…they shout out your food number and you collect your food from the kitchen on paper plates and clear it all away yourself too, not a problem at all…but I’ve not been in such an expensive pub for quite a while!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway…the view of the planes was great…..

They flew right across in front of us to land too….brilliant view…

While we were there we met a young girl…about 10 years old…who was a complete plane geek!!  She knew all of the plane types and seemed to know the arrivals for the next hour!!  She told us the big A380 was due to take off in about 40mins so we decided to wait and watch it.  That was a bit of a disappointment really as it didn’t come to the end of the runway to take off like we thought it would.

We all had a great time despite the slightly dodgy pub and rubbish weather…

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