The sleepover

Yesterday 2 of Caitlin and Noah’s friends arrived for a sleepover as their parents were at a wedding.  It’s only the 2nd sleepover Caitlin and Noah have had to stay at ours….I’ve kind of avoided sleepovers just yet because I’m not sure they are old enough.  So there were 5 kids in total!  They had a great day playing together in the park, making cakes and then making pizzas from scratch.  We then watched Stuart Little 2 before bed.  They were very excited and there was a lot of discussion about who would sleep where!  I tried to put Austin in the bed with them for a photo but he went mad!!  He is so set in his ways and was refusing to go to bed in the wrong place.  He just started crying and ran off to his own room shouting bed….

He went to bed and pretty much instantly fell asleep as usual….  The other 4 played musical beds for a while…got a bit upset because they were missing their mum and dad…..(I was right they are a bit little for sleepovers)  After the tears stopped they ended up all four of them sleeping along the length of the double bed.  Gradually one by one they fell asleep…the excitement was too much they just couldn’t get to sleep…Noah was first…and then at 10pm when I gave up and went to bed myself there was just Caitlin and her friend still trying to get to sleep!!!  They must have gone to sleep in the end (I hope!!) but they were awake again before 6am…..

They all had a great time but we all needed an afternoon nap today………..

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