Richard is on lates so this morning we all went swimming.  I figured Austin especially needed to practise over the summer holidays!  His swimming lessons aren’t going too well….lesson one was good, but from then on as Graham has let go of him more he has become more hysterical!!  He has spent most of the past 3 lessons screaming…proper tantrum like screaming!  Although his last lesson before we broke up he was screaming but also swimming!  He was really angrily swimming along while kind of growling!!  It was funny really….

Anyway we went swimming and Austin was really happy and we didn’t have to hold him at all!  He had his belt on and just swam around the pool on his own for over an hour!!!!!!  Caitlin and Noah also loved going swimming and both swam around all on their own.  I can’t believe how quickly they are learning with Graham!!  In just a few lessons they have all gone from being complete non-swimmers to swimming completely alone for Caitlin, swimming quite a way in Noah’s case and in Austin’s case swimming with a belt but not being held!!

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