Park fun day

There was a family fun day at the park, we went last year and even with the rain it was good, this year it was sunny and even better.  I’m not really sure how you hear about events like this…both this year and last year a friend told us and all of the people I told hadn’t heard elsewhere!!  Both years we went with Caitlin’s friends from nursery..kind of a reunion, it was so good to see them all again.  It was packed with mainly free activities.  First off we stopped at the change for life stand where we got some paper model fruit kits which we could take away to make another day and each of the kids got a free piece of fruit to eat.  Caitlin then made a cheerleading pompom!  Next up was an obstacle course to have a play on….

…and Austin stayed there while Noah decorated a paper plate and Caitlin made a hairclip on the stall next to it…

They then moved onto hat and flag making….

…there was clown school….

….a sports area….

There was an area filled with bales of hay that they were let loose on which was complete and utter chaos, but they loved it!!

Near to this was a person in a panda costume!  Austin was petrified and that along with the chaos of the hay was too much and he was hysterical!!!  Once he had calmed down a bit he noticed the sand area next to the hay and so played there until the hay was all demolished!!

At some point we had a picnic and Austin fell asleep!  Caitlin and Noah then made wooden bird feeders.  This was the first thing we had to pay for all day and even that was quite cheap (£3 for both) with all profits going to the RSPB.

They drilled out their holes….

…and then filled them with seed and lard.  Earlier in the day they had spotted body zorbing, but it had a massive queue…the queue was still huge but they really wanted a turn so we waited.  It took us over an hour to get to the front, but they all waited without moaning so it seemed to go quite quickly…

They LOVED it!!!!!!!  Caitlin kept landing on the top of hers and getting stuck upside down until someone else “zorbed” past and knocked her back over, but she found it really funny being stuck upside down!!

After the long wait they all needed a drink so we went for drinks and ice-creams but again there was a big queue so I sent them off to the clay modelling table while I waited.  After that they went for a sit on a pony…

This was the only other thing I had to pay for and again it was really cheap (£1 for both – no Austin as he is terrified of animals!!) and again money went to the pony charity.

I was quite surprised that Caitlin sat on it so happily…but she did!!

We stayed at the park for almost 7 hours and had an amazing time!!!!  We’ve arranged to go again next year with the same people!!


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