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Dig dig dig!!

Richard has been digging the garden over ready for grass for a while…..Caitlin and Noah got in on the act and did some digging too!!  They have loved it!

…and it’s almost ready for turf!!  While doing some digging they have found all sorts of bugs and worms…

and brought them to show me….so kind!!!

The turf is now ordered…..and once it’s all levelled Richard can lay it and soon we’ll be out there playing!!  Just in time for the summer holidays which aren’t too far away now…..


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How big???

I decided to measure and weigh all the kids which I haven’t done for ages.  I can not believe how much Noah has grown!!  His eating has really improved…it’s been really gradual and in amongst all the other chaos it’s only when I really think about it that I realise how much better he is.  All this eating is really taking effect..he has grown massively and has really caught Caitlin up and even overtaken her in some measurements!!!!!


Austin…..  He is just turned 2 years old and now weighs a chubby 2 stone!  He is 88cm tall and his head is 50.5cm.


Noah….coming up for 4 and a half…now weighs 2 stone 9lb (more than Caitlin!!)  He is 104cm…rapidly catching Caitlin up and his head is 51cm.  This is really odd because Austin can’t fit into Noah’s hats….I did check and re-check this one but his head is bigger on paper??!!


Caitlin….coming up to 6!!!!!!!!…now weighs 2 stone 7lb.  She is 108cm and her head is 50cm.  I don’t think it will be long before Caitlin is overtaken in height by Noah!!

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School trip

After I went on Caitlin’s school trip Noah asked if I could come on his….so Nanny came over to watch Austin and I went along to the Blue Planet Aquarium.  Noah asked his teachers if I could come..he told them Nanny was looking after Austin and so after they had checked with me..they said I could go.  I’ve been involved with Noah’s school since I started to go to the playgroup there when Caitlin was about 6 months old so they do know me quite well…but I’ve only been on 2 trips..this one and the Royal wedding parade.  Both times I seem to have had loads more responsibility…last time I had twice as many kids as some parents…this time I had the same number as most (but more than some) and I was the only parent to have one of the kids with special needs.  I hope the school isn’t trying to put me off any more trips!  All of my group were really good though…they all loved seeing all the fish and had a great time.

I had Noah in my group….he has been really really excited for weeks…and now that the day was finally here he was fit to burst on the coach!!

I love that Noah gets so excited all the time!  First off we had a lesson on sea life which was really interesting and I learnt lots of new things…Noah now wants to try lobster for tea one night…we’ll have to look into that!!!  We then watched the divers in the tank, then it was time for lunch.  That was a bit hectic because we were only allowed 25 minutes on the tables and it took 10 minutes to get the packed lunches to us…..they all did quite well but very few managed to finish in that time!  After that we went around all the tanks and got to touch the rays….

…and walk through the shark tunnel….

I was convinced they would all fall asleep on the coach since it was a 45 minute journey but all of my lot stayed awake…even Noah!!!!!!!  I actually really like school trips and had a great time.

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If any friends or family want the password please message me, there will be a couple more posts and then this chapter is thankfully over I hope!!

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Possibly a miracle!!

A while ago we planted a little vegetable patch with some seedlings and a tray of sugar snap peas.  It’s really hard to go out into the garden because there is no gate or fence so Austin can just escape…and I’m sure he’d do a really good job of that, plus there are lots of tools and other dangerous objects/areas so it’s just easier to stay out of the way.  This and the bad weather meant we kind of neglected the veg patch.  When the sun came back a few weeks ago we noticed the sugar snap peas were going a bit wild with all the rain but we didn’t have any canes so I tied them to the fence!!  Back came the rain and I forgot all about the peas and other seedlings.  Richard noticed that the peas were growing great guns in amongst the wilderness/rubble and we even had enough for all of us with a we sent him out in the rain with my camera to get a photo and enough peas for us….

Caitlin and Noah were impressed we were having something we had grown for our tea.  I think they would have been more impressed if they could have helped pick them but in front of the veg patch is just a bit muddy patch, which for 5 minutes of picking would have created a massive mess… they just watched.

I can’t believe we have got such great looking peas with no effort at all…in fact quite a lot of neglect!!  I have also since noticed that all of the seeds are growing great guns too!!  It’s a shame that I have lost my scrap of paper that I scribbled what we planted where so we’ll have to wait until they produce so that we can identify them!!!  The tomato is massive too so we might get some tomatoes from that too….  When (if) the rain stops I’ll lock Austin in and go for a quick investigate!!!

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Rain, rain and a bit more rain!!

This weekend we were supposed to be going to the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power…but it’s quite pricey and we weren’t sure it was really worth it in the pouring rain since it is all outside.  So on Saturday we went to the kids cinema to see Alpha and Omega, well we actually went to see a Turtles Tale but the road was closed so by the time we’d done the detour we’d missed out on that, but since they weren’t bothered what they saw we went to Alpha and Omega.  We’re planning to go to see Cars 2 in a couple of weeks so we just wanted to remind Austin of the cinema and test out his ability to sit through a film…..he didn’t move a muscle until about 5 mins before the end!!!  He completely loved it…possibly helped by a packet of jelly tots which took him about 45 minutes to eat!!!!!!!!

After lunch we did some cutting, sticking and colouring.  It’s ages since they have all sat down and spent ages doing crafty things, we’re normally running around like lunatics!!  It was brilliant to have no-where to go and nothing in particular to do!!

On Sunday we were considering Cholmondeley again weather permitting but the heavy rain continued so we stayed in again!!  Today they dressed up, played around, did more sticking and making…..and tried their hand at playing the trumpet!!!

I’m not sure the neighbours particularly enjoyed this activity….especially not when Noah was playing… you can tell from his cheeks he is putting FULL effort into it and he was very very loud….

All of them got a pretty good sound out of it, even Austin.  Caitlin seemed especially good though….she got the sound straight away and was just the right volume for a nice sound.

Shame I couldn’t remember any tunes not that I would have been able to teach them that!!

After that we watched Cars 1 before a roast dinner….all in all a lovely relaxed house bound weekend…it was great!!!

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