Last day at nursery

Today was Noah’s last day at nursery…..It’s going to be very strange not going back there (maybe ever).  I first started going to the nursery when Caitlin was a few months old, to their play group…  Then Caitlin started going to the nursery, but me and Noah carried on with the play group, and soon after Austin was born and he joined the play group too.  Noah then joined Caitlin in the nursery and it was just me and Austin for the play group.  The play group then closed down, but Noah was still at the school in the nursery so I still went daily.  I’m not sure if Austin will be going to the nursery….it is a fantastic nursery but the logistics of being in 2 places at the same time are really hard so I’m not sure if I’ll be sending him…but a year off from the ridiculous school runs and I might change my mind!!

In the morning today they had their leavers assembly where they are all presented with their record of achievement….

Noah was very proud to get his and it is lovely…loads of photos and the odd piece of work they have done.


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