Toddler group

I realised that I used to blog about all the play groups that I took Caitlin and Noah to, but I hardly ever say where I take Austin.  For the past year we’ve been going to a play group every Thursday morning, Austin has a little friend there who is a couple of months older than him.  It’s quite a big group which has a craft activity, a car room, a home room (with cooker and dressing up) and a general play room.  You’re not allowed to take the cars through into the play room incase you run over any babies!  The lady who runs the group sits in between the rooms and stops cars sneaking through.  Every week it seems it is Austin’s mission to sneak as many cars through as he can….he usually does quite well, but it’s obviously just a challenge to him because as soon as he is through with the car he isn’t interested in it any more and just plays with something else!  He then goes back and sneaks another car in!!!

At the end there is singing which Austin just used to sit on my knee for…but the past few weeks he has decided to get up and do the actions….


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