School pick up….

Finally…there is just one more day of daft school pick up’s!  I have finished the really stupid pick up on a Monday and Tuesday when I bring a friends kids home…then I drive to Noah’s school, get Noah, race to Caitlin’s school, get the kids, walk home and then return later to collect my car!!  The rest of the week is almost as stressful as I only have 15 minutes between Noah finishing and Caitlin finishing.  In that 15 minutes I have to get Noah and Austin back to the car which I have to park down the road….and Austin does not like rushing!!  I then have to drive 2 miles past 2 other schools…which both have tonnes of traffic trying to park near them…to Caitlin’s school.  I only just make it and I will not be sad to say goodbye to that journey!  Today Richard was around to go get Caitlin so I didn’t have to rush too much and when I came out of the cloakroom I spotted Noah and Austin on a bike together….

…so tomorrow I will rush between the 2 schools for the very last time…and they will be able to relax in the playground having a last play with their friends….yipppeee!

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