Party time

One of Caitlin’s oldest friends was having her 6th birthday party.  It was a bowling party…

Caitlin loves bowling and we haven’t been for a while so she enjoyed that.  After the food they got to have a go on the dodgems.  Caitlin was as high as the minimum height limit so just got on!  They all struggled to actually reach the pedals but they managed!  They were told they could go one in a car and have 1 go or double up and have 2 goes…1 as a passenger and 1 as a driver.  They chose to double up.  Caitlin was a passenger first and loved it….

She then got a turn at driving which she also loved….

Luckily they had the dodgems to themselves because they were all a bit slow as they kept slipping off the pedals!!!


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