How big???

I decided to measure and weigh all the kids which I haven’t done for ages.  I can not believe how much Noah has grown!!  His eating has really improved…it’s been really gradual and in amongst all the other chaos it’s only when I really think about it that I realise how much better he is.  All this eating is really taking effect..he has grown massively and has really caught Caitlin up and even overtaken her in some measurements!!!!!


Austin…..  He is just turned 2 years old and now weighs a chubby 2 stone!  He is 88cm tall and his head is 50.5cm.


Noah….coming up for 4 and a half…now weighs 2 stone 9lb (more than Caitlin!!)  He is 104cm…rapidly catching Caitlin up and his head is 51cm.  This is really odd because Austin can’t fit into Noah’s hats….I did check and re-check this one but his head is bigger on paper??!!


Caitlin….coming up to 6!!!!!!!!…now weighs 2 stone 7lb.  She is 108cm and her head is 50cm.  I don’t think it will be long before Caitlin is overtaken in height by Noah!!

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