School trip

After I went on Caitlin’s school trip Noah asked if I could come on his….so Nanny came over to watch Austin and I went along to the Blue Planet Aquarium.  Noah asked his teachers if I could come..he told them Nanny was looking after Austin and so after they had checked with me..they said I could go.  I’ve been involved with Noah’s school since I started to go to the playgroup there when Caitlin was about 6 months old so they do know me quite well…but I’ve only been on 2 trips..this one and the Royal wedding parade.  Both times I seem to have had loads more responsibility…last time I had twice as many kids as some parents…this time I had the same number as most (but more than some) and I was the only parent to have one of the kids with special needs.  I hope the school isn’t trying to put me off any more trips!  All of my group were really good though…they all loved seeing all the fish and had a great time.

I had Noah in my group….he has been really really excited for weeks…and now that the day was finally here he was fit to burst on the coach!!

I love that Noah gets so excited all the time!  First off we had a lesson on sea life which was really interesting and I learnt lots of new things…Noah now wants to try lobster for tea one night…we’ll have to look into that!!!  We then watched the divers in the tank, then it was time for lunch.  That was a bit hectic because we were only allowed 25 minutes on the tables and it took 10 minutes to get the packed lunches to us…..they all did quite well but very few managed to finish in that time!  After that we went around all the tanks and got to touch the rays….

…and walk through the shark tunnel….

I was convinced they would all fall asleep on the coach since it was a 45 minute journey but all of my lot stayed awake…even Noah!!!!!!!  I actually really like school trips and had a great time.


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