Possibly a miracle!!

A while ago we planted a little vegetable patch with some seedlings and a tray of sugar snap peas.  It’s really hard to go out into the garden because there is no gate or fence so Austin can just escape…and I’m sure he’d do a really good job of that, plus there are lots of tools and other dangerous objects/areas so it’s just easier to stay out of the way.  This and the bad weather meant we kind of neglected the veg patch.  When the sun came back a few weeks ago we noticed the sugar snap peas were going a bit wild with all the rain but we didn’t have any canes so I tied them to the fence!!  Back came the rain and I forgot all about the peas and other seedlings.  Richard noticed that the peas were growing great guns in amongst the wilderness/rubble and we even had enough for all of us with a roast..so we sent him out in the rain with my camera to get a photo and enough peas for us….

Caitlin and Noah were impressed we were having something we had grown for our tea.  I think they would have been more impressed if they could have helped pick them but in front of the veg patch is just a bit muddy patch, which for 5 minutes of picking would have created a massive mess…..so they just watched.

I can’t believe we have got such great looking peas with no effort at all…in fact quite a lot of neglect!!  I have also since noticed that all of the seeds are growing great guns too!!  It’s a shame that I have lost my scrap of paper that I scribbled what we planted where so we’ll have to wait until they produce so that we can identify them!!!  The tomato is massive too so we might get some tomatoes from that too….  When (if) the rain stops I’ll lock Austin in and go for a quick investigate!!!


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