Rain, rain and a bit more rain!!

This weekend we were supposed to be going to the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power…but it’s quite pricey and we weren’t sure it was really worth it in the pouring rain since it is all outside.  So on Saturday we went to the kids cinema to see Alpha and Omega, well we actually went to see a Turtles Tale but the road was closed so by the time we’d done the detour we’d missed out on that, but since they weren’t bothered what they saw we went to Alpha and Omega.  We’re planning to go to see Cars 2 in a couple of weeks so we just wanted to remind Austin of the cinema and test out his ability to sit through a film…..he didn’t move a muscle until about 5 mins before the end!!!  He completely loved it…possibly helped by a packet of jelly tots which took him about 45 minutes to eat!!!!!!!!

After lunch we did some cutting, sticking and colouring.  It’s ages since they have all sat down and spent ages doing crafty things, we’re normally running around like lunatics!!  It was brilliant to have no-where to go and nothing in particular to do!!

On Sunday we were considering Cholmondeley again weather permitting but the heavy rain continued so we stayed in again!!  Today they dressed up, played around, did more sticking and making…..and tried their hand at playing the trumpet!!!

I’m not sure the neighbours particularly enjoyed this activity….especially not when Noah was playing…..as you can tell from his cheeks he is putting FULL effort into it and he was very very loud….

All of them got a pretty good sound out of it, even Austin.  Caitlin seemed especially good though….she got the sound straight away and was just the right volume for a nice sound.

Shame I couldn’t remember any tunes not that I would have been able to teach them that!!

After that we watched Cars 1 before a roast dinner….all in all a lovely relaxed house bound weekend…it was great!!!


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