Out on the bikes

Today we met up with Abigail and Katie…I love that even though they are all (except Austin) at school but we can still meet.  As soon as Katie started school we swapped our day time meet ups to the evening or weekend so she didn’t miss out.  We used to go over to them since we could get a head start before school finished.  Luckily since Caitlin started school last september they have moved closer to us so now we both rush out of school and meet somewhere in the middle.  Today we took the bikes and went to the park….

It’s been ages since we went out on the bikes so I wasn’t sure if Caitlin would remember how to ride without stabilizers but she did!!  She just rode straight off again.  I really can’t believe how easily she has learnt to ride I was convinced it would take all summer!!  Noah of course went tearing off!!  He goes so fast it is actually quite scary!!!


Austin still needs to grow another inch or so for his new bike so he had to take his scooter instead….

After a bit of riding around we went to the play area ….

Austin was copying Caitlin who was sliding down with her hands in the air!!!!!

The weather stayed nice for us and so we had a good play before going to find somewhere for tea before home time.  I debated if I should take my camera as it’s quite big and they all had bikes.  In the end I decided yes only to find my battery was dead!!!  So I didn’t get our usual group photo!  I think that’s the first time in almost 6 years I haven’t got a photo of all of them.  One day I’ll make an album of them growing over the years!!


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