I’d booked to go on a girly holiday back in January but had to cancel my first day so on Friday I set off for Malaga on my own.  I’d never flown on my own before it was really odd!  The airport was a bit boring and there were loads of people getting into the holiday spirit and having a pre-holiday drink!  I nearly had one but felt weird drinking on my own at 6am!!!  The flight was good…it didn’t matter where I sat and I got to just read the whole way which after the Thursday was very very nice!!

I got to the hotel and some of the others were waiting in reception for me and had beer waiting for me on the beach so we headed straight there.  We spent the day relaxing on the beach which was great and the night drinking in the bars near by.  A couple of people had their feet nibbled by fish in one of those fish pedicures..I didn’t fancy that so the rest of us went for a drink!  The next 2 days were spent much the same…beach, walks, drinks and meals out!  After the stress of the past few weeks it was great to get away and do very little!!!!!!!!!

I did take some photos but I’m not sure the others would be too impressed at me sharing them!!

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