Stars and Stripes

Today was the American car show at Tatton Park so we went along.  We went with my Godson and all the kids loved looking at the cars.

We’ve never been to stars and stripes before and it was good, there was lots of things there that were really different to our usual mini/classic car shows.  As usual Caitlin was drawn to anything pink….

…this was quite spectacular on the scale of revolting pink cars though!!  I’m sure lots of people who like pink will like it as Caitlin did…but to us it is just a modern pink blob!!  Austin was drawn to all of the bikes…he does love bikes!!

Austin also thought it was quite funny that he fitted underneath the open bonnet of this monster truck….

There was also live music which there isn’t at the other shows and cheerleaders which Caitlin loved and Noah copied!  I’ll have to upload the videos!!!

The highlight of my day was the wall of death!!!!!!!!  It was so cheap! Only £2.50 per adult and the kids were free!

Austin was asleep so we left him outside with Cath and took Noah and Caitlin in.  Noah was of course completely fearless!!!!!!  Even when the motorbike came right up to the top he kept looking right over…..

…even Caitlin was braver than we thought she would be!  When we got outside Austin had woken up and we felt guilty that he had missed out so I tool him back in along with Noah.  Austin thought it was very exciting too!  Noah then decided he no longer wants to be a drag car (or even the drag car driver!!) when he grows up but he wants to be a wall of death rider!!!!!!!!!

After the wall of death they went on a few fair type rides, had ice cream and Noah asked a drag car driver a few questions!!!!!


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