My birthday

I thought Richard was working late today so I signed me and the kids up for the school family picnic.  I figured rather than being stuck in on my own I’d get to clelbrate.  It turned out Richard’s shifts changed and he was on earlies but we stuck with the picnic. 

The day started well when I opened my cards and discovered I had won on the Euromillions lottery..only a fiver but I never win so I was very pleased!  After the school run I went for our usual drink with the reception mum’s but unfortunately I ended up with a parking ticket!!!!!  I could have sworn you could park there from 9am but it turns out it’s 9.30am and I parked there at 9.25am so I got stung!!

In the afternoon it was the madness of swimming…..1pm lesson for Austin…shower and dressed ready to be at Noah’s school for 2.40pm…..grab Noah and race to Caitlin’s school so I can get a parking space where I don’t need to get the boys out of the car so that the second Caitlin is out we can race back to swimming lessons for them!  After swimming lessons I got my birthday presents.  I got a roof rack for Elvis…sounds odd but it was what I wanted.  I also got chocolates, wine and a laptop!!!!!!!  It’s great I can go on the computer in the garden or up by my new sewing machine or just on the settee!!

It was then time to rush out to the picnic.  The weather was fantastic and we had a great night.  There were quite a few kids from reception there including most of the mum’s I meet on a Friday morning.  Caitlin’s best friend was there so she had a great time too!  They went on the bouncy castle, ran around the field, shared our picnics and ate my birthday cake!!  The highlight for Noah (and maybe Caitlin?) was getting to go on the go-karts!!!! 

Noah loved it!!  He really got into it…leaning right into the corners….

Caitlin spent the whole time cautiously driving at the back…but she was the only one out of the 4 of them who didn’t crash!!!!

She also seemed to enjoy it and was quite pleased she hadn’t crashed…

Austin somehow managed to con the man in charge of the football target game near to us to let him play for free and then even managed to gain TWO prizes!!!!!!!  Although I’m pretty certain he didn’t do what was required to win!!!!

We stayed at the picnic right until the end and then called at the pub on the way home with another family!!  The kids all buried each other in the pub’s sandpit….they had a brilliant time but were filthy!!!!!!  It ended up being a very very late night but we all had a great time.

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