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Portugal (part 3)

Now that we had found the beach we walked down to it.  Austin fell asleep on the way and managed to sleep the whole time we were there…

That probably wasn’t such a bad thing because the beach was mostly shells, or broken shells to be precise!  Caitlin made a collection of shells….she found a little pile of matching shells gradually getting smaller….

Once Austin woke up we decided to walk back and go to the pool.  Noah practised his diving…

Richard also did some diving but he managed to hit his nose on the bottom of the pool!!!  He cut it and heard a pretty loud crunching noise…so possibly did some bone damage too!!!!!  His nose was bleeding quite a bit so we went back to the apartment for tea and a drink downstairs!!


On our last day we had promised them a ride on the horses so we made a packed lunch and walked into town….

…we had a drink and then walked back for the last go in the pool…

There was no dangerous diving today, but a bit of playing on a lilo we found…

Caitlin also practised her diving, she is getting really good at swimming..she can easily swim a length unaided but is terrible at putting her head in the water.  Today she managed to dive right down to the bottom to pick up a dive stick, so we have promised her a hello kitty bag when we get home.  Noah still didn’t think he could swim without his belt and refused to even try to swim a width…lets hope he regains his confidence next week at swimming lessons!!  In the evening we went to the restaurant just down the road from the apartment…A Cocheira…it was lovely, the best food we’d had all week and hardly any more expensive than the other places!!

It used to be an old stables and each table was in one of the stalls and the old feed troughs were full of wine bottles!  At the end we got a little glass of port…. Austin stole the dregs of mine!!!

We then went back to the bar under the apartment for a last drink…

…followed by an early night ready for home in the morning….  We had a great time and the apartment was gorgeous!!!


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Portugal (part 2)

We had been told that the beach was just through the old town so we went to see if we could find it and see how far it was.  The walk to the old town involved a walk underneath the roundabout which has been painted really nicely….

…the centre of the roundabout is open and you can look up at the globe sculpture in the middle.  In the old town Noah spotted a mini!!!!!!!!!!!

After a bit of a walk we found the beach and stopped for an ice-cream.

Back at the apartment we had a bit of a swim before testing out the jacuzzi bath….

…ready to go out for tea!  We found a little Portuguese restaurant in the middle of town which sounded quite good so we gave it a try.

It was ok, but not the greatest.  Caitlin had done some fantastic diving in the pool in the afternoon so we’d promised her pudding.  As usual there was nothing she could have so we went to a bar that sold ice-creams where Caitlin had an x-pop…..

I think this was her favourite lolly and she picked one of these every time we stopped for ice-creams!  It was just a regular lolly but with a popping candy top!

While we finished our drinks Caitlin and Noah danced for us!!!!!!!

On our walk home we met Hello Kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caitlin was amazed!!!  The week before she had thrown some money into a fountain and her wish was that Hello Kitty was alive…so then she was convinced her wish had come true!!  Very sweet.

The next day (Thursday) we went to a water park called slide and splash.  It was a bit cold to begin with but then it warmed up.  I didn’t take my camera with me as I didn’t want to get it wet and I wasn’t sure how secure the lockers would be…so no photos….

Caitlin loved the water park and was happily going down all the slides she was allowed on.  She was happy going down on her own and found her way up to the surface of the water when she landed and swam to the sides.  Noah was a bit apprehensive at first and couldn’t get himself back to the side once he was at the end of the slide but after a few goes he was also loving it!  Austin refused point-blank to go on any of the baby slides so we thought he was a lost cause but when Richard took him on a big slide he loved it and was just shouting to go again and again!  On our way home we called at pizza hut and then just went to the bar downstairs for a few drinks and an early night.

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Portugal (part 1)

Caitlin’s friend is half Portuguese and her family have an apartment in Albufeira so we rented it off them for a week.  Austin has never been on a plane before so we weren’t sure how he would cope with having to sit for almost 3 hours so we packed each of them a bag full of things…toys, snacks and sweets!!!!!  Just before we set off for the airport we remembered we’d not done our on-line check in so that added £35 to our bill (we were lucky we didn’t get charged for the kids as well), then they sent the wrong taxi but with the mess up with the check in we didn’t have time to wait for another one so we just had to squeeze into the one the sent!  Eventually we got on the plane without any further disasters!  Austin seemed to like flying, he especially loved take off and landing he thought they were both very exciting!  While we were on the plane I got asked if Noah and Austin were twins which I thought was very odd since they are nowhere near the same size!  Then just after we got off the plane someone else asked if they were all triplets??????  I had no idea what to say to that….there is almost 4 years between Caitlin and Austin…..

Once we’d found the apartment we went to the snack bar downstairs for something to eat.

Caitlin and Noah both had some fruit juice but it was served in wine glasses which they LOVED!!!

The next day we went off to find the supermarket (our little local supermarket was hopeless) in our hire car which Caitlin named “Pelle”.  After lunch had gone down we checked out the pools.  There was a small kids splash pool….

…which as you can tell from Austin’s reaction was freezing!  But Noah and Caitlin seemed happy enough…

..we then tested out the bigger pool….

..which Austin thought was much better.  I even tested it out too, although it was very very cold to get into….

I didn’t last long but the others had a great time jumping in and swimming about.

After tea we went to test out how far the walk into town was.  It was a bit further than we’d been told but it was a really easy flat walk with things to see along the way so it was quite nice.  It is a new path and the workmen were still working on the tunnels/drains below.  The kids thought it was great they could see and hear people down the manholes so we stood shouting ola down them…

We had a wander through the old town and had a couple of drinks and ice-cream.

All of the kids had been given some spending money from Nan and Nanny & Grandad and Caitlin decided she wanted to  a cat that was in one of the shops, then we stopped for another drink..

Once Austin saw Caitlin playing with the cat  he wanted one too so we got him a dog…which he completely loved!  It kept him entertained all holiday….

The dog barked and it’s eye’s glowed!!  It was a bit odd really but he loved it!  It did walk as well until Austin squashed it and then it just kind of shuffled!  The bar we’d stopped in had some live music which Caitlin and Austin also loved so we stayed for a while…

…all while Noah slept in Austin’s pram!!!

On the Tuesday we drove out to see if we could find the beach.  We have no idea which beach it was but it seemed quite nice…

They all liked going in the sea but the current/waves were a bit strong…although Caitlin didn’t seem to mind being almost knocked over by them…

They also built a sand car (I think we do this at every beach we go to!!!)

We didn’t stay too long at the beach because we couldn’t figure out how much our parking was going to cost us so we went to the marina for a look around….


I think it is still being developed but the colourful buildings looked great and there was a lovely little play area right outside a bar so we stopped for a drink while they played.  When we got back it was back in the pool where Noah got to test out his snorkel set that he had bought with his money!!

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Splish splash!

This morning we went around to a friend’s house to play in their paddling pool.  The older girl is in Caitlin’s class at school and her younger girl is a couple of months older than Austin.  The weather was gorgeous and they all had a great time splashing in the pool….

Austin and L had a great time trying to blow bubbles…

…but both of them were much more successful at tipping the mixture out of the bottle!!  Neither of the 2 little ones were that keen on the paddling pool water….

…especially when it unexpectedly landed on Austin’s head!!!!!!  We had a picnic on the grass and then played a bit more in the pool before it was home time.  I really wish our garden was enclosed and finished so we could get the pool out and have nice lazy school holiday days in it…..hopefully soon!  Our front garden is looking good (photo to follow) just the back to do now, although we do have the major task of removing a tree stump and moving a large (and very very very full) shed…..

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And now she’s off……

We decided to head out to the park and let Caitlin have a go without stabilizers.  We both assumed it would be a long and painful process that would end with us giving up and Caitlin in tears!!!!!  We just let her have a go on Noah’s bike first to see if it was worth even attempting to take them off her bike…..

We were amazed!!!!!!!!!!!  She pretty much got it straight away!  There were a few wobbles but she put her feet down and didn’t fall off and then on about the 3rd or 4th attempt she got it and rode off!!!!!!!!!!!  So we took the stabilizers off her bike and she rode around and around…..

…she even managed not to fall off when a dog came near to her.  She’s not as confident as Noah but she did really really well.  After practising for a while we played in the play area….

We then cycled home but Caitlin veered off into the road and scared herself half to death and refused to get back on her bike!!!  Lets just hope she can get back on and ride after our holiday…..

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