Strike day!

Today both Caitlin and Noah were off school with the teacher strikes.  I love school holidays…they both love school…but I love the lack of rushing in the mornings!!  We had a couple of plans for the day.  First off we were going to a play group that me and Austin always go to.  The other people I meet also have older kids but theirs were still in school, but they really wanted to meet Caitlin and Noah, and Caitlin and Noah really wanted to meet Austin’s little friends!  Caitlin went all shy when we got there and sat with me for most of the time.

After that we met Noah’s friend from school.  We were supposed to be going for a picnic in the park but while we were at play group it started pouring down so we went to a soft play instead and I forgot to take any photos!!!!

We had a great day though….


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