School fair

Today was Noah’s school fair and I was down to help on the craft table!  I was really pleased because if I had to choose a stand to man I would pick the craft one!  I took Noah along to help me while Caitlin went to ballet.  He was a bit bored to be honest…..

…but I think that’s because on our way in he spotted this…..

He was desperate to go on it!  Our hour was up on the craft table so we had a wander around the fair, had a go on the tobola, bought a cake…all while we waited for Caitlin and Austin to arrive….  I thought he was going to go mad waiting for them, because I’d told him he had to wait for them to go on the traction engine!!!!  Or maybe the man who owned the engine would go mad with the questions….how big is the engine, what is that plank of wood for, what comes out of the exhaust…etc etc!!!!!!!!  Finally they arrived and he got to go on!

He loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We then went back into the fair and had BBQ food and more tombola tries!!


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