Daddy’s birthday!

Today is Daddy’s birthday!!!!!!  I let them chose their own presents for him which resulted in some odd choices!!  Caitlin decided Daddy would like some chocolate and so picked him a set of chocolate tools which was good!  She also picked some cashew and pistachio nuts.

There were tears from Noah!  When I asked him what he wanted to get daddy Noah answered “a jet car”….I tried to explain that jet cars are very very very expensive and we couldn’t get one and he cried!!  Instead he picked a mini magazine and a football air freshener!!!???

We had to go to the school fair (more on that later!) during the day and then we had party tea!!!!!

I’d let Caitlin pick the cake we bought…at first she wanted to get a princess cake but in the end I persuaded her to get either a caterpillar one or a car one…she picked the caterpillar…..

…she also wanted to get 38 candles but eventually compromised on a number 3 & 8!!!!!!


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