Sports day

Yesterday was scheduled to be sports day at Caitlin’s school, but it rained and rained and so it was postponed.  This morning there were big black clouds looming and I was convinced it was going to be completely cancelled…but the rain held off and it was even a little bit sunny in the end.  Caitlin is in the yellow-hammer team (they are all named after a bird).  The first race she was in was one where you had to balance a bean bag on your head and walk to the cone.  Caitlin had a shaky start where she couldn’t get the bean bag to balance on her head!!  With a bit of help she was off….slowly!!!!

Then there was a dressing up race where they had to put on items of clothing along the way then take them off on the return journey….

There was also a skipping race and a running race….

…and the sack race which Caitlin was actually quite good at…

…and even enthusiastically threw herself across the finish line…

In the reception races the yellow-hammer’s came 2nd but overall they won!  The reception members seemed oblivious to this when it was announced though! They all just sat smiling on the grass along with all the other teams!

At the end there was a toddler race so Austin joined in…


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