Party weekend

This weekend we had 3 parties…one for each child!  Noah was first up with a friend from nursery.  The little boy was a bit upset though because his bouncy castle didn’t turn up!  The party guests didn’t seem to mind at all and had a great time playing musical statues and just racing around the garden!  Eventually the castle did arrive and everyone was very excited….

Next up was Austin!  One of his best friends turned 2 and she had a little party at home which Caitlin and Noah were invited to as well.  There was cake and playing and they all loved it!!!

Caitlin’s party was also a school friend (well 2 – they were having a joint party) at a soft play.  The party food was pizza and chips so that wasn’t so good, but we went out for Fathers Day afterwards so she ate there! 

For Fathers Day we went to chiquitos and had a very nice tea!  Then it was straight to bed ready for school!!


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