Portugal (part 3)

Now that we had found the beach we walked down to it.  Austin fell asleep on the way and managed to sleep the whole time we were there…

That probably wasn’t such a bad thing because the beach was mostly shells, or broken shells to be precise!  Caitlin made a collection of shells….she found a little pile of matching shells gradually getting smaller….

Once Austin woke up we decided to walk back and go to the pool.  Noah practised his diving…

Richard also did some diving but he managed to hit his nose on the bottom of the pool!!!  He cut it and heard a pretty loud crunching noise…so possibly did some bone damage too!!!!!  His nose was bleeding quite a bit so we went back to the apartment for tea and a drink downstairs!!


On our last day we had promised them a ride on the horses so we made a packed lunch and walked into town….

…we had a drink and then walked back for the last go in the pool…

There was no dangerous diving today, but a bit of playing on a lilo we found…

Caitlin also practised her diving, she is getting really good at swimming..she can easily swim a length unaided but is terrible at putting her head in the water.  Today she managed to dive right down to the bottom to pick up a dive stick, so we have promised her a hello kitty bag when we get home.  Noah still didn’t think he could swim without his belt and refused to even try to swim a width…lets hope he regains his confidence next week at swimming lessons!!  In the evening we went to the restaurant just down the road from the apartment…A Cocheira…it was lovely, the best food we’d had all week and hardly any more expensive than the other places!!

It used to be an old stables and each table was in one of the stalls and the old feed troughs were full of wine bottles!  At the end we got a little glass of port…. Austin stole the dregs of mine!!!

We then went back to the bar under the apartment for a last drink…

…followed by an early night ready for home in the morning….  We had a great time and the apartment was gorgeous!!!

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