Portugal (part 2)

We had been told that the beach was just through the old town so we went to see if we could find it and see how far it was.  The walk to the old town involved a walk underneath the roundabout which has been painted really nicely….

…the centre of the roundabout is open and you can look up at the globe sculpture in the middle.  In the old town Noah spotted a mini!!!!!!!!!!!

After a bit of a walk we found the beach and stopped for an ice-cream.

Back at the apartment we had a bit of a swim before testing out the jacuzzi bath….

…ready to go out for tea!  We found a little Portuguese restaurant in the middle of town which sounded quite good so we gave it a try.

It was ok, but not the greatest.  Caitlin had done some fantastic diving in the pool in the afternoon so we’d promised her pudding.  As usual there was nothing she could have so we went to a bar that sold ice-creams where Caitlin had an x-pop…..

I think this was her favourite lolly and she picked one of these every time we stopped for ice-creams!  It was just a regular lolly but with a popping candy top!

While we finished our drinks Caitlin and Noah danced for us!!!!!!!

On our walk home we met Hello Kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caitlin was amazed!!!  The week before she had thrown some money into a fountain and her wish was that Hello Kitty was alive…so then she was convinced her wish had come true!!  Very sweet.

The next day (Thursday) we went to a water park called slide and splash.  It was a bit cold to begin with but then it warmed up.  I didn’t take my camera with me as I didn’t want to get it wet and I wasn’t sure how secure the lockers would be…so no photos….

Caitlin loved the water park and was happily going down all the slides she was allowed on.  She was happy going down on her own and found her way up to the surface of the water when she landed and swam to the sides.  Noah was a bit apprehensive at first and couldn’t get himself back to the side once he was at the end of the slide but after a few goes he was also loving it!  Austin refused point-blank to go on any of the baby slides so we thought he was a lost cause but when Richard took him on a big slide he loved it and was just shouting to go again and again!  On our way home we called at pizza hut and then just went to the bar downstairs for a few drinks and an early night.

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