Portugal (part 1)

Caitlin’s friend is half Portuguese and her family have an apartment in Albufeira so we rented it off them for a week.  Austin has never been on a plane before so we weren’t sure how he would cope with having to sit for almost 3 hours so we packed each of them a bag full of things…toys, snacks and sweets!!!!!  Just before we set off for the airport we remembered we’d not done our on-line check in so that added £35 to our bill (we were lucky we didn’t get charged for the kids as well), then they sent the wrong taxi but with the mess up with the check in we didn’t have time to wait for another one so we just had to squeeze into the one the sent!  Eventually we got on the plane without any further disasters!  Austin seemed to like flying, he especially loved take off and landing he thought they were both very exciting!  While we were on the plane I got asked if Noah and Austin were twins which I thought was very odd since they are nowhere near the same size!  Then just after we got off the plane someone else asked if they were all triplets??????  I had no idea what to say to that….there is almost 4 years between Caitlin and Austin…..

Once we’d found the apartment we went to the snack bar downstairs for something to eat.

Caitlin and Noah both had some fruit juice but it was served in wine glasses which they LOVED!!!

The next day we went off to find the supermarket (our little local supermarket was hopeless) in our hire car which Caitlin named “Pelle”.  After lunch had gone down we checked out the pools.  There was a small kids splash pool….

…which as you can tell from Austin’s reaction was freezing!  But Noah and Caitlin seemed happy enough…

..we then tested out the bigger pool….

..which Austin thought was much better.  I even tested it out too, although it was very very cold to get into….

I didn’t last long but the others had a great time jumping in and swimming about.

After tea we went to test out how far the walk into town was.  It was a bit further than we’d been told but it was a really easy flat walk with things to see along the way so it was quite nice.  It is a new path and the workmen were still working on the tunnels/drains below.  The kids thought it was great they could see and hear people down the manholes so we stood shouting ola down them…

We had a wander through the old town and had a couple of drinks and ice-cream.

All of the kids had been given some spending money from Nan and Nanny & Grandad and Caitlin decided she wanted to  a cat that was in one of the shops, then we stopped for another drink..

Once Austin saw Caitlin playing with the cat  he wanted one too so we got him a dog…which he completely loved!  It kept him entertained all holiday….

The dog barked and it’s eye’s glowed!!  It was a bit odd really but he loved it!  It did walk as well until Austin squashed it and then it just kind of shuffled!  The bar we’d stopped in had some live music which Caitlin and Austin also loved so we stayed for a while…

…all while Noah slept in Austin’s pram!!!

On the Tuesday we drove out to see if we could find the beach.  We have no idea which beach it was but it seemed quite nice…

They all liked going in the sea but the current/waves were a bit strong…although Caitlin didn’t seem to mind being almost knocked over by them…

They also built a sand car (I think we do this at every beach we go to!!!)

We didn’t stay too long at the beach because we couldn’t figure out how much our parking was going to cost us so we went to the marina for a look around….


I think it is still being developed but the colourful buildings looked great and there was a lovely little play area right outside a bar so we stopped for a drink while they played.  When we got back it was back in the pool where Noah got to test out his snorkel set that he had bought with his money!!


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