And now she’s off……

We decided to head out to the park and let Caitlin have a go without stabilizers.  We both assumed it would be a long and painful process that would end with us giving up and Caitlin in tears!!!!!  We just let her have a go on Noah’s bike first to see if it was worth even attempting to take them off her bike…..

We were amazed!!!!!!!!!!!  She pretty much got it straight away!  There were a few wobbles but she put her feet down and didn’t fall off and then on about the 3rd or 4th attempt she got it and rode off!!!!!!!!!!!  So we took the stabilizers off her bike and she rode around and around…..

…she even managed not to fall off when a dog came near to her.  She’s not as confident as Noah but she did really really well.  After practising for a while we played in the play area….

We then cycled home but Caitlin veered off into the road and scared herself half to death and refused to get back on her bike!!!  Lets just hope she can get back on and ride after our holiday…..

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