Out on the bikes

Today we went out with Abigail and Katie, they have just got new bikes so wanted to take them…so we borrowed Jap Taxi and took bikes…..

…they all rode around the sports court for a while but then some people arrived with a ball so we moved over to the play ground and had a play for a while….

It looks like Noah had been flung right off the ride but I think he was just clowning around (as usual!!)

Then the rain arrived so we went to the cafe for some chips and our picnics!!  Luckily the sun came back out and we went off riding again….

Caitlin normally rides for about 5 minutes then gives up but she was just riding around and around.  She also was trying to balance and so not using her stabilizers as much as usual….we might try taking them off soon I think!

Katie is pretty good on her bike and so Noah had found a speedy friend to race against!  They both had a great time speeding around the paths….

Austin was great too he practised his scooting but stayed quite near to us so we got to sit in the sun for a while….

They then had a go at skipping…..

…but when that was too hard, they made up a game where they had to guess the secret colour as they jumped over the rope….

…A fantastic day!!  I do love lazy school holidays with no morning rush and just playing around with friends.


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