Cancelled party…

Today was supposed to be a little party for Austin…but since he was sick and then Noah started being sick..I thought I’d best cancel.  I didn’t want to be responsible for 7 two-ish year olds catching a bug….

This morning though it became clear Noah was better…..eating breakfast…bouncing around etc!!  Typical!!  So me and Austin went out to take Caitlin to school and for a quick drink.  While we were there a couple of people said they were going on to the park so I thought we’d join them and since it was out in the open I went home to get Noah.  Noah scooted all around and went on all of the playground…definitely better!!!

Austin also had a great time playing with 2 of his friends, and he shared his cake which was good.  Shame he didn’t get his party though…definitely next year, or I might try to arrange a belated party after half term!!!  Now we just have the rest of the cake and all the party food I bought to get through….


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