So Austin is now 2!  He is really good at climbing and is a complete daredevil.  He tries to copy everything that Caitlin and Noah do, he adores them both!  His speech isn’t great but he can say ro-a (Noah) and tay-tee (Caitlin)….but for some really odd reason he always says tay-tee in a really high-pitched voice…it’s the only word he says like that.  I must video him!

Talking of his speech we went to the health visitor today just to have it checked out.  She also did his 2 year check up while we were there.  Physically he is about right…a tiny bit ahead of 2 but not much.  That surprised me a bit as I thought he was pretty good physically, although part of it might have been him not doing things as well as he normally does…he didn’t jump as well as he can and looked at her like she was mad when she asked him to tiptoe even though he can.  Speech wise it is split into 2 sections, comprehension and actual speech.  On the comprehension front he was way ahead of his age by over 6 months…speech wise he was below but even that result was confusing.  His number of words was quite poor but he does say what and why in context which is quite advanced…this made his score for speech come out as below but not worryingly low.  She did  say his vocab wasn’t great though so she has referred him to a speech therapist.  She also gave me some very odd advice….  While we were there Austin started pushing me off the chair, obviously because he wanted to sit there!!  He didn’t say chair or off or anything else for that matter…he just pushed me and grunted!  I then pointed it out to the health visitor and said how even though he wasn’t getting his own way it still didn’t make him speak..thinking that she would be assuming that his lack of speech was a laziness thing because everyone just jumped in and did things without him needing to speak!  She then told me I shouldn’t let him get frustrated and if I understood what he wanted I should do it for him even if he hadn’t made any attempt to speak!!!!!???  Surely that can’t be helpful to make him speak??!!

Austin is a very fussy eater, his favourites are bananas, yogurt and pasta.  He knows what he wants even though he can’t say it….and has lots of tantrums when you don’t understand him!  He loves cars and motorbikes and does a great fire engine impression!

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