Find the gnome…

For the past couple of weeks Caitlin and Noah have been playing the find the gnome game with our neighbours!  Years ago our neighbours started a game with a friends kids where they would hide their gnome in the garden and the kids would find it and hide it somewhere different.  When the weather became nice a few weeks ago they started the same game with Caitlin and Noah!  They usually play a couple of rounds if we bump into them on our way out, and then we (or they) go out and the people left hide it again ready for the returning party!!

On Sunday G & N were on their way out so Caitlin and Noah hid the gnome and G & N said they would look for it when they got back in about 15 minutes.  At bedtime Noah insisted on going back out to check if they had found it and hide it again!!!

They love playing this game!

In that first photo you can see how clear our front garden is looking!  Nan transformed it while she was up…now we just need to plant our new plants out there.  In fact I need a gardening update!  We have a tiny veg patch in the back garden and lots of seedlings ready to get planted out in it.  The 2nd photo is our neighbours lovely established garden!


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