Party with Nan and Nanny & Grandad

This weekend Nan came up to visit us and since it’s quite close to Austin’s birthday we decided to have a little party for him.  My family came over to join us too.  The weather recently has been brilliant so we were hoping to have it outside on our new furniture – but purchase of the patio furniture appears to have caused rain!!!  So we had a party inside….

…with party food and presents….

One of his presents was a basketball net.  They have one of these at Nanny’s house and it is Austin’s favourite and he is actually very good at throwing!!  He has a pretty good aim and at times a dangerously powerful throw!!

(I didn’t spot Noah in that photo, someone pointed him out to me!  He spends a lot of his time climbing all over Grandad, dangling upside down on him…poor Grandad!!)

After the party food had gone down we had cake….

Austin loved the exploding, singing candle!  Although he wasn’t really that interested in eating his cake.  He is such a fussy eater…he doesn’t even really like cake….he only really ate this spoonful which I asked him to eat for the photo!

They all also got bubble guns as a belated Easter present from Tina so we went outside to play with them since the rain had stopped.  It’s a good job we did go outside because they managed to get bubble mixture everywhere and Austin was soaked….

He hardly needed any soap in the bath!!!

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