All 3 of them have been doing lots of growing!  Noah has especially shot up, outgrowing loads of his jeans….he has been eating really well.  It’s still a bit of an effort to get him to eat, he would still opt to have nothing if it was an option but he has realised it isn’t an option and so mostly just gets on and eats his tea.  This has really paid off with him growing loads and hardly being ill over the winter.

I measured them all the other day and Caitlin is now 108cm, Noah is 103cm and Austin is 84cm.

I think it is about 9 months since I last measured them!!  Back then there was 6cm between Caitlin and Noah and now there is only 5cm….so he is catching her up again for the moment…..  Strangely I always thought Austin was big but he must have really slowed down.  He is now only on the 25th centile, and he is shorter than Noah was at that age…and only 3cm taller than Caitlin was at that age.


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